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Why is the Amy Winehouse documentary getting so much attention and not the Whitney Houston one?

Hi everyone, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Shèna Winchester and my claim to fame is that I am the only woman in the world to have ever portrayed Whitney Houston twice on TV. The first time in Autopsy: Whitney Houston’s last hours and more recently in Whitney & Bobby: addicted to love both on Channel 5 in the UK. My background is that I am a professional singer and songwriter. In fact I decided to pursue a career in music all because of this inspiring legend, hence it was kind of ironic that I got to play her twice.

Here is a little snippet of me in action in one of my favourite scenes from the documentary. I am having a full-on spat with Bobby Brown (aka David Bonnick Jr) backstage of The Bodyguard premiere.

This blog is a bit of a rant really because I hate injustice of any kind and I am also a huge Nippy fan myself, so I felt it necessary to speak up for her as she is obviously not able to do that for herself. Why is the Amy Winehouse documentary getting so much attention and accolades, whereas I’m sure that so many of the Nippy fans out there don’t even know that a documentary about their female icon even exists? Amy Winehouse made a massive contribution to the music industry, but was it anymore than Whitney Houston’s? We are talking about ‘The Voice’ here people and not just your average diva!

In this documentary it doesn’t just use footage from Whitney’s archives, it also uses interviews with people who knew her well, but most importantly it incorporates dramatic reconstructions performed by talented actors and actresses like myself, David Bonnick Jr as Bobby Brown, Lorna Anders as Cissy Houston, Michelle Cornelius as Robyn Crawford and Lola Adaja as my Baby girl Bobbi Kristina. It covers every base, is two hours long and answers questions about how this incredible diva, who appeared to have it all, fell so unapologetically from grace. The Amy Winehouse documentary does not have all these elements.

Now please don’t get me wrong. I am not dissing Amy’s documentary, in fact I watched it and found it very informative and intriguing. Also this has nothing to do with the fact that she was Jewish and Nippy was black, because talent is talent at the end of the day: it shouldn’t really matter what background it emanates from. Also I happen to have a lot of wonderful Jewish friends, so that part of the equation is irrelevant to me. I just don’t understand why Whitney’s documentary is not getting the attention it deserves. IMHO it should have at least been nominated for a few TV awards.

I am British at the end of the day, but sometimes I am ashamed to call myself that because I am sick and tired of the issues it has here that haunt me on a regular basis, and that just seem to be swept under the carpet. I mean how can the UK’s entertainment industry pride itself on being a multicultural society when that so-called multiculturalism is nowhere to be seen in the media or the press?

How is it that I am good enough to be the only woman in the world to have portrayed Whitney Houston twice on TV, I have over 150 commercial releases to my credit, (one was even featured on the Daniel Craig movie, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo) I have a gold disc on the wall of my home studio and I am a household name in Russia, but I can’t get beyond first base on the UK’s X-Factor? Can someone please explain that to me. If you are going to allow people like of Cheryl Fernandez-Versini to slip through the net in the Music Business, then why do talented individuals like Beverly Knight and myself appear to get such a raw deal?

I don’t think Channel 5 helped this situation very much either because they didn’t really promote it at all, let alone tell the crew or cast members when it was about to air. There was no morning interviews for me and David. Also wouldn’t it have been better for promotion of the show if you have someone who looks a bit, acts a bit and most importantly sings a little bit like Whitney Houston? Surely that would get people’s attention, But no although I spent all day in Metropolis studios in London recording Nippy’s songs and the crew members applauded me after each performance, all the magic that was created in the studio is not really reflected in the documentary, so I felt I let my fans down. Channel 5 you missed a trick there. You seriously missed a trick! Don’t worry though fans I am soon about to rectify that problem.

Someone has to say something about the lack of diversity within the UK’s entertainment industry that has gone on long enough. Predominantly in TV and in the press. Even Craig David and Sinitta commented about it at the Brit Awards recently.

I don’t really have anything to lose by writing this blog, because my success has been mainly down to the Russians. In fact if it wasn’t for the Russians I probably wouldn’t have had the career that I have been lucky enough to enjoy so far in music. However, although I am eternally grateful to the Russians, I shouldn’t have had to go so far afield to experience true success. Am I not British after all?

My favourite quote is that, ‘It is the unreasonable man that changes the world’, so on that note I am just preparing to release a new, original album which is inspired by Whitney Houston and dedicated to my late husband, James Winchester whom I sadly lost on 21st September 2014. I am looking to release it May – June of this year. If you’re interested in that then watch this space. However in the meantime, if you don’t want to wait that long to get your hands on some great music, then I have decided to release my Disco collection as a signed 3 CD Box Set as well as a signed Vinyl copy of the album, One Man Woman, which can all be purchased from my website: www.1skinnydiva.com. On there you also get an opportunity to watch a 4-min Mashup of my Disco videos. As you probably gathered Donna Summer is another one of my idols.  Warning though fans this is only for serious Disco fans. Anyway please click here to be directed to it.

My goal is to prove that you don’t need to go on X-Factor to enjoy real success as a true artist.

Thanks for listening!

How a book changed a diva’s life!

I’m not going to lie to you, my number one goal has always been to be successful and have financial freedom. I am a professional singer, published songwriter and professional actress as well by trade (I portrayed Whitney Houston in Autopsy: Whitney Houston’s last hours and just recently Whitney Houston again for Channel 5. The documentary is entitled, Whitney & Bobby: addicted to love. Therefore that is what I have spent my entire life trying to achieve and I am quite pleased with the results. However, nothing comes without a price and I lost my wonderful husband of 10 years in September 2014 🙁 No words can describe the gapping hole in my heart that he has left behind, but the show must go on and it ain’t over ’til this skinny diva sings!

How would you feel if your talent was to express yourself vocally onstage, but you were denied that right from your native country your entire life? How would you feel? I’ll tell you how you would feel angry, very angry. However I am a spiritual person and I know that I wasn’t blessed with these talents for no reason, so in spite of the endless rejection I have had to endure I refuse to let anyone kill my dream and tell me ‘no’.

The UK music scene is not set up to handle gifted artists if it was where are they? Are they trying to convince me that what we see on Ex-Factor, Britain’s Got Talent, or The Voice are the best that the UK has to offer? Are you freaking kidding me? I know at least 20 individuals that could blow anyone of those singers you see on those shows off the stage with their raw talent, but like me they won’t ever be allowed to get beyond first base to prove it! So they need to find another way to get themselves heard and make themselves seen.

This is where this book comes into play and it applies to every profession and not just the music business. If you could find away to make more than enough money from home that didn’t compromise your existing profession, time or talent and you could do it anywhere in the world from your laptop, would that be something worth looking into? Exactly, that’s what I said, ‘hell yes!’ and because of that I am now able to pursue a career in music on my terms because I now have the money to put out my own album and market it myself. Money is power so get some and you will have the power to do whatever you want on your terms!

This book is FOR FREE except for the £1 postage and packaging charge, as the multimillionaire author is so convinced of the value it offers and the easy route it gives you to Financial Freedom. If you want to try it out for yourself then click on the banner on the right-hand side of this blog, or the link below. It was a bestseller with WHSmith and I can quite honestly say it has changed my life in the sense that now I have learned a foolproof way to achieve my dream of Financial Freedom.

Don’t let the Simon Cowell equivalent in your industry kill your dreams just like all the many talented singers he has destroyed in mine. The future is yours, so take it.

Click here when you’re ready for change

Peace and love,


How one book changed the financial fortunes of a widow forever!

2ii943pBefore my husband died on September 21st 2014, I lead a pretty cushy life I must admit. I didn’t have to deal with money worries, taxes, mortgages, employees, pensions, investing, being a landlady, sorting out my business affairs and the red tape that comes with being a diva, and being brutally honest my late husband, James was the primary carer to our 7 year old son, Tyler too. I would be lying if I said that I didn’t take him for granted at times, because I was the main provider and I did my bit with my son, I felt I didn’t need to take care of all ‘that stuff’ as well. He also happened to be a bit of a control freak and wanted to take on the Atlas role, and he was particularly good at it, so who was I to argue with him? It never occurred to me that I would have to deal with all these stressful things sooner than I could have ever imagined on my own!

The trouble with losing someone so close to you is that not only are you paralysed with grief and trauma once they’re gone, but you are also expected to make rational decisions and behave like a fully functioning adult on questions like what type of coffin do you plan on burying your spouse in, or what do you want to do with his or her remains, or should you allow your 7 year old son to go to his dad’s funeral, or how on earth are you going to pay off your mortgage on your own and switch it from an interest only to a repayment mortgage? Who will help you run your affairs or help you with your childcare etc etc. The list goes on. You feel so exposed and vulnerable that you can often be easy pickings for cowboy builders, electricians, plumbers or anyone who sees your predicament as an opportunity for them. If you do need help in that department, then my advice would be to only use people who come highly recommended by someone you trust, or simply use CheckATrade. I got ripped off by the London-based nanny agency, Little Ones, for almost £3k.  I stupidly didn’t read the small print properly, took on a nanny who left after three weeks and they wouldn’t refund me the money, they would only offer me another second rate nanny instead. Do yourselves a favour and stay well clear of using Little Ones!

I felt that I wasn’t taking full ownership of mine and my son’s financial futures. I knew there was a better way and I had to find it fast before I ended up losing my wonderful home with all the lovely memories in it. I was well-read on all the Rich Dad, Poor Dad books by Robert Kiyosaki, but I thought how on earth am I going to afford to acquire assets when I can’t even afford to pay my mortgage off outright? It was then that I stumbled across this incredible book. Now I’m not going to sell this book to you because in my opinion the book sells itself, but in a nutshell this book completely changed my life, because it showed me exactly how to make a passive income from home, without having to rely on the efforts of others ie an MLM type business. Also I didn’t have to rely on doing Russian PAs anymore; my main source of income (which had miraculously dried up anyway).  Now I control who is leveraging my time, my money, my talent and my list and this book is the blueprint for how I am actually able to achieve all this myself, working from home or on my laptop anywhere in the world, just like the multimillionaire author himself has and is still doing.

It’s simple if you (male or female) want to finally take control of your financial future like I am and you would like to try this out for free, yes free (apart from the £1 postage and packing fee) then click on the link below or the banner on the right-hand side of this blog. What have you got to lose? Only £1. This book was a bestseller with WHSmith and I can definitely see why! I can now go back to focusing on what I’m good at and trained to do which is being a professional singer/published songwriter and actress (I’m the first woman to star as Whitney Houston on TV!) Search up Autopsy: Whitney Houston’s last hours on Google. I hope that you find the peace of mind that this book has afforded me. Good luck and see you at the other end!

Click here to grab your free copy now!

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